Careful Packing

As serious collectors ourselves, we know the importance of proper packaging and shipping. We pack with extreme care and guarantee all of our items to meet your satisfaction.
In fact, our secure packing is one of our most common feedback comments.

All books whether graded or raw are packed between rigid pieces of cardboard.Then we wrap your item in prodigious amounts of bubble wrap or cushioning to ensure your book has no wiggle room to shift or get damaged once it leaves our hands.

We NEVER ship in flexible (not rigid) containers or boxes that are too small for the item--your book will never touch the sides of the box.

Fast Shipping

We recognize that you want your items as soon as possible. We ship USPS Priority meaning you'll see your items in 1-3 business days from shipping! If you order before 3:00 PM, we usually have your order in the mail that very same day!

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