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1st appearance of Carol Danvers. 2nd appearance of Captain Marvel. Letter from Dave Cockrum.
Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) the MCU's most powerful hero hits the big screen March 2019! Jud Law as Captain Mar-vell
Roy Thomas story Gene Colan & Paul Reinman art Gene Colan & Frank Giacoia cover
Origin & 1st appearance of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell). 1st appearance of Yon-Rogg & Una.
Stan Lee (S), Gene Colan & Frank Giacoia (A)(CVR)
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Origin and 1st appearance of the Key. Hawkgirl, Robin, Weather Wizard & Wrecker appearance.
Gardner Fox (W), Mike Sekowsky (P), Bernard Sachs (P), Mike Sekowsky (CA), Murphy Anderson (CA)
Two-Gun Kid appearance.
Dan Slott (W), Juan Bobillo (P), Marcelo Sosa (P), Greg Horn (CA)
1st appearance of the Maestro & Janis. Embossed cover.
Peter David (W), George Perez (P), George Perez (CA)
Jim Starlin (W), Mike Mignola (P), Mike Mignola (CA)
Mirror Master & Captain Boomerang appearance.
Doug Moench (W), Tom Mandrake (P), Tom Mandrake (CA)
Origin of Karma. 2nd appearance of the New Mutants.
New Mutants Movie 2019
Chris Claremont (W), Bob McLeod (P), Mike Gustovich (P), Bob McLeod (CA)
Part 1 of the origin of Moon Knight. 1st appearance of Raoul Bushman.
TV Show Coming?
Doug Moench (W), Bill Sienkiewicz (CA)
"Death" and "Rebirth" of Warlock. Man-Beast appearance.
Gerry Conway (W), Tony Isabella (W), Herb Trimpe (P), Jack Abel (P)
Steve Englehart (W), George Tuska (P), Billy Graham (P), Billy Graham (CA)
1st appearance of Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr. & Mary Marvel since the Golden Age. Origin retold.
Denny O'Neil (S), C.C. Beck (A), Beck, Cardy & Anderson (CVR)
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